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New Business Solutions
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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

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Below is a list of the pre-set prices for some of our services. Submit the corresponding form, by clicking on the service you need to acquire. Note that for all payments you will be emailed a private payment URL, so please make sure your email address is correct. The transaction will be via a secure PayPal site.


Services Offered

DBA Filing          $99 filing fee + $50 state fee  

EID   Filing         $49   

Website design  

Web Design Packages Basic Advanced Premium Elite
Price $499 $989 $1,989 $4,989
# of Pages 2 4 8 20
Custom Background 1-color 1-color 1 complex or up to 3 complex or
    up to 4 1-color up to 10 1-color
Text Platform yes yes yes yes
Custom Logo no no yes yes
Custom Banner no generic flash or flash or
    advanced static advanced static
HTML Sitemap no yes yes yes
XML Sitemap no no yes yes
All-page Linking yes yes yes yes
Online Form Creation & Application no 1 up to 5 up to 10
Payment Button Application no up to 3 up to 10 up to 25
Shopping Cart Integration no no yes yes
Custom Navigation Menu no generic quality design quality design
Picture Integration 1 up to 3 up to 10 up to 25
Internal Link Optimization no no yes yes
Search Engine Submission no no no yes
Domain Registration no no yes yes
Website Upload To Server no yes yes yes
Domain Availability Research no no yes yes
One Year Web Hosting With Support no no no yes
Visitor Traffic Information no no no yes
Email Account Setup no no no yes

You can order any of the products below for purchase one at a time or create your own Custom Web Design Package

* Receive 15% off the indicated below prices with the purchase of Basic, Advanced, Premium or Elite Package

Item Price
One Color Background $199
Complex Color Background $399
Generic Banner $199
Complex Fused-Picture Banner $399
Flash (Animated) Banner $949
Navigation Menu $249
Custom Navigation Button $99
Each Extra Button of Same Design $49
Custom Logo $499
Picture Integration $49
HTML/XML Sitemaps for up to 15 Pages $99
HTML/XML Sitemaps for up to 50 Pages $249
HTML/XML Sitemaps for up to 100 Pages $399
HTML/XML Sitemaps for up to 1000 Pages $999
Payment Button Integration $49
Shopping Cart Integration $299
Online Form Creation And Integration $299
(Includes Email Setup For Result Delivery)  
Domain Name Availability Research $99
(up to 20 domain names)  
Domain Name Registration $99


Web Hosting   We charge for our service and

host's fees,         $119 per year

Search Engine Optimization

# of Keywords Optimized 5 10 20 30
Keyword Report no no no yes
Optimization of Title,         
Description and Keyword Tags 5 pages 10 pages 20 pages 30 pages
Robot.txt File Application no yes yes yes
XML Sitemap Application no yes yes yes
Sitemap Registration And        
Updates no yes yes yes
Internal Link Architecture yes yes yes yes
Headings Application yes yes yes yes
Web Page Optimization yes yes yes yes
Keyword Density Optimization yes yes yes yes
Submission To All Major        
Search Engines yes yes yes yes
Website Analytics Tracking         
And Reports no no yes yes
Blog Setup And Entries no Setup Only 24 Entries 52 Entries
Email Support yes yes yes yes
Quality Link Building / Month no 50 Links 100 Links 150 Links
Recurring Monthly Costs $499 $999 $1,999 4,599
One-time Setup Fees N/A N/A N/A N/A

*please mark that Search Engine Submission is free with Website Optimization


     Individual Prices For One-time Services:

        50 Two-way Links/month   $249

        100 Two-way Links/month  $498

                        Includes link research, application and account set up.

        HTML and XML Sitemap generation and application:

        sites up to 50 pages  $249

        sites up to 100 pages  $498

        sites up to 500 pages  $989

        XML sitemap verification and registration with Google  $149

        Internal Link Optimization on

                           Sites of up to 50 pages  $249

                           Sites of up to 100 pages  $498

                           Sites of up to 500 pages  $989

        Head Section Optimization  $199 per page

                       Includes title, description, keyword tag application and keyword research

       Headings generation and application <h1> through <h5>  $199

       Keyword Density Optimization  $99 per word



     10,000 Real visitors to your website   $35.90

     25,000 Real visitors to your website   $52.90

   100,000 Real visitors to your website   $98.90

   250,000 Real visitors to your website   $250

1,000,000 Real visitors to your website   $600

5,000,000 Real visitors to your website   $2150

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