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DBA Registration




read more about:

how long does registration take ?

what to expect ?

fictitious business name vs. doing business as vs. trade name

do I need a dba registration ?

when is a dba registration necessary ?

a dba makes it easy to ...

why only Colorado, Florida and Missouri ?

where is my DBA filed ?

does a LLC or Corporation need to file a DBA ?

are there any restrictions to a DBA name ?

can others register the same DBA name as mine in my state ?

how many DBA names can i register ?

what is a fictitious name?

what is the effect of registration?

other statutes

who is exempt from filing?

are there any penalties for failure to file a Fictitious Name Registration?

will I need proof of my Fictitious Name Registration?

how long is the Fictitious Name Registration valid?

is there any written acknowledgment sent to this business?

general Info And Legal Statutes

if I want to register as a "partnership", do I register my partnership name as a fictitious name or do I register as a partnership under the Revised Uniform Partnership Act?


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