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    CSS Templates for Search Engine Optimization



    Most Search Engine Optimizers already know that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has great advantages on Optimizing web pages for the search engines but some may not be aware that most CSS Templates also helps the web masters in saving a lot of valuable time when designing a site.

    Some of the more popular free CSS template providers like and constantly uploads professional templates for the worldwide webmasteres. These templates come with standard and validate codes which not only helps in optimizing the site but also conforms to World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) guidelines.

    One of the most significant advantages of using CSS templates to start off a website is that it increases the overall Text-to-Codes ratio. Some experienced Search Engine Optimizers believe that search engines favors the indexing of pages that have a high amount of content rather than codes. In addition, a page with high amount of HTML or Javascript codes is likely to create errors than a page with less codes. Therefore, CSS template helps greatly in this codes reduction to increase search engine optimization results.

    Another factor worth considering is the amount of time needed by the search engine bots to index a page. With the implementation of CSS, especially with the external style sheets, the file size will be much smaller than normal pages that use conventional tables design. It is to our advantages if search engine can index our pages in a shorter time. This not only saves us valuable bandwidth but also reduces the chance of encountering errors during indexing since now the file is smaller and more compact.

    In conclusion, using CSS templates to start off a website helps greatly in reducing the effort needed to optimize a website.



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